Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How will I be coached?"

A: In three ways. First, through our private coaching group. I'm in there every day, answering questions and coaching our members. The second way you'll be coached is through the sequential, step-by-step video courses on the site. And the third way you'll be coached is through the live, interactive webinars that we hold every month (and sometimes multiple times in one month) for our members.

Q: "Please tell me more about how this coaching group works..."

This group is like a $1,000 a month mastermind that you get for just a fraction of the cost. Our coaches are in our secret online coaching group every single day answering questions and interacting with our members. I don't allow the group to get clogged up or bogged down with irrelevant posts, with complaining, or with arguing between members. You'll find none of that in my coaching group. Instead, we keep the group focused on martial arts business related topics and questions that are relevant to the challenges and issues you're facing right now as an instructor and/or school owner.

Q: "What if I want to speak with you personally?"

A: If you have a question that you'd like to address privately, just let me know and I'll arrange a PM chat. And, if you're looking for one-on-one coaching by phone or email, that can be arranged as well at this page. But honestly, the vast majority of the coaching group members don't need to speak with me one-on-one, because they get everything they need in the coaching group. So, you will quite literally save thousands of dollars in consulting fees when you become a member of this group.

Q: "Can't I just learn this stuff on my own?"

A: Sure. However, I can honestly tell you that it took me years to figure out all this stuff on my own, and decades to organize it into a cohesive, organized system. Do you really want to struggle for years to figure this stuff out on your own? Or, would you rather invest a few hundred bucks a month in your education now, and skip all the struggle and confusion of finding this stuff out for yourself? If I had it to do all over again, I know which one I'd choose.

Q: "How can I use these ads and images?"

A: So long as you are an active, paying member of Martial Arts Business U (MA Biz U), you can use the ads and images we provide any way you see fit to market your school. You can use them in printed materials, on your website, in your email newsletters, in videos, or on social media. However, you may not share these ads with anyone else. You are only allowed to use them materially in your own business.

Q: "Can I modify these ads?"

You are welcome to add your school contact info and/or logo to any ad or image we provide. And, if you'd like us to add that info for you, simply fill out a customer support request and we'll take care of it for a small fee, typically with a 24-48 hour turnaround. However, you cannot cut out ad components, such as model images and graphics, and use them in other materials.

Q: "How many ad modification requests can I make per month?"

As many as you like, but we ask that you keep it reasonable. A good rule of thumb for how many requests members can make without bogging down the system is one or two per week. Please be advised, we have to serve all our members. So, members who abuse this service to the detriment of other members will be terminated.

Q: "What's your refund policy?"

You may request a refund for your first month's coaching fee for any reason within your first 30 days of joining this coaching program. After the first thirty days after you join this coaching program, there are no refunds.

Q: "Do I have to sign a contract?"

No. You may cancel at any time.

Q: "What sort of results can I expect from this coaching program?"

That depends entirely on how hard you are willing to work, and how "coachable" you are. I can only present you with the knowledge and tools to succeed. However, it's up to you to absorb and implement it.

Q: "Do you have testimonials from people who have gone through this program?"

Yes, they are on our home page.

Q: "How do I get started?"

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